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Giving Tuesday: Giving Back to Those Who Give Their All

For those of us with our finger on the pulse of the watch world, finding watches that support a cause isn’t terribly difficult. Tenn & Two did a great podcast on “Watch Brands that Give Back” that is certainly worth a listen. It’s always good to know which brands are using their profits for good, and which ones are doing so most effectively....
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Vintage Watch Spotlight - Omega Seamaster “Soccer Timer”

December 21, 1968. Commander Frank Borman looked down at the Omega Speedmaster on his wrist as he performed the pre-flight check on the Saturn V– it was just after 0700. In less than an hour, he and fellow Apollo VIII astronauts James Lovell, Jr and William Anders would become the first men to leave low-Earth orbit and see the dark side of the m...
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