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Cesium133 announces partnership with Origin Watch Co.

(Memphis, TN, 6/24/2020) – Cesium133 (CS133) is proud to announce a new partnership with Origin Watch Co. The collaboration is a natural one as Origin’s vintage inspired timepieces exemplify the artisanship that newly launched CS133 celebrates and makes accessible to enthusiasts and collectors globally.


Origin Watch Co. was established in 2014 with the goal of building historical, high quality, fully mechanical timepieces. The boutique brand has since flourished into a highly regarded marque known for its traditional craftsmanship and designs that bridge the old and new–providing incredible value, while honoring the origins of watchmaking.


CS133 is particularly excited to expand the reach of this US based boutique. Origin Watch founder Dennis Shirokov, a self-taught watchmaker, ensures each piece is assembled, finished, and tested one by one, by hand, in his workshop. Shirokov remains focused on expanding the US based manufacturing of Origin’s watch components, and moreover, providing that authentic historical connection.


“We build manual-wind timepieces because winding the crown of a watch directly connects you to more than 400 years of craftsmanship, through an authentic ritual that bonds you to the engineering marvel of tiny precision parts working together to tell time,” notes Shirokov.


Wrist Watch Review aptly noted, “[Anyone] should be doubly impressed by Origin Watch Co.’s more refined take on what an affordable American watch can be.”


“CS133 is first and foremost a community that exists to cater to the passions and curiosity of those who love the art and engineering unique to watches and automotive,” explains CS133 founder Blas Catalani. “This partnership with Origin does exactly that. We have an opportunity to support independent watchmaking and fulfill our mission to connect watch enthusiasts with remarkable pieces that have lasting significance.”


“We appreciate the opportunity to expand the reach of our watches and content through a company with shared values,” Shirokov says.


Currently two models of Origin watches can be found on the CS133 website with more to come

in the future, as both companies continue to deepen their relationships with the brand’s newcomers and loyalists alike. 



About Cesium133: (

 Cesium133 (CS133) is a community dedicated to the celebration of art, engineering and craftsmanship, through the extraordinary lens of timepieces and automotive. We provide content, curated collections, credible advice and concierge service to watch and auto enthusiasts of every level, from novice to expert collector. Our mission is to give everyone who shares these passions a place to craft their story through the unique pieces we offer.



About Origin Watch Co.:

Origin Watch Company (OWC) was founded by Dennis Shirokov in 2014 with the goal of building historical, high quality fully mechanical timepieces. In the age of digital watches and wearable tech, Origins Watch Co. goes back to the origins of watchmaking, and designs, assembles, calibrates and tests all pieces in their workshop in Memphis, TN.

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