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Watches Are Art, and Art is For Everyone


The watch world and the art world are not so different, are they? Most of us consider watches to be a form of art. Both are full of beauty, history, diverse perspectives and global influences. Both worlds can be intimidating. Yet both hold something for everyone. In watches as in art, value can only truly be measured by someone's love for a piece.  

In support of our efforts to make our corner of the art world more inclusive and accessible, we are dedicated to driving awareness of artists across all mediums, whose work may serve to advocate for tolerance, human rights and awareness of key social issues. We partner with individual artists and companies who are willing to use their voices to raise awareness and funds for select, impactful organizations.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the partnership we have created with Artrepreneur, an incredible organization working to democratize the art world...

"Artrepreneur wants to make the term "starving artist" a thing of the past. As a public benefit corporation, we are committed to balancing profit and purpose so we can help artists and designers be more successful artrepreneurs and foster an inclusive and sustainable community of creative talent from across the globe."



The artists featured on our profile are helping to raise awareness and much needed funding to address issues facing Asian American Pacific Islander Communities and the Black Community. 100% of proceeds from all sales will be donated to and/or the NAACP. In short, these are inspiring pieces at affordable prices and a simple way to give back to the community at large. Some watch art. Some modern art. Some art as commentary. Something for everyone. 

Read below to learn about the artists, or visit our profile on Artrepreneur. All pieces not yet sold can be bought through our profile on their site, but if you would like assistance, please feel free to contact us and we can facilitate any purchases.

As a thank you, anyone who purchases a piece as part of our giving initiative will receive 10% off any item in our vintage collection
Kong Wee Pang: 

A Public Artist, Creative Director and Fine Artist, Kong Wee Pang moved to the United States in 2001 from multi-cultural Malaysia & Singapore, after graduating from the Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. Following her relocation, she received a degree in Fine Art and design and an MFA from the Memphis College of Art. In 2016, she co-founded Taropop Studio, focusing on public art and award-winning branding. A truly global artist, her work crosses mediums and borders, reaching from New York, California, and elsewhere in the United States, to Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Kong Wee’s subject matter often focuses on the concept transformation reflecting her personal history and perspectives. Coming from Malaysia, she learned to adapt to a new way of life in the United States. She considered herself to exist in a liminal state, living in two worlds. Her work reflects her focus upon the notion of the original self, outside influences and transmutation. 

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing her personal work, you may recognize some of her creations on behalf of clients including St. Jude, Hilton, Planned Parenthood, and many more. 

You can learn more about her work at


"Symposium", by Kong Wee Pang


Alex Van Zijl, Luminant:  

Alex van Zijl is an artist, art director, visual designer, product designer based in the Netherlands, where he is dedicated to designing beautiful digital solutions to complex challenges. He is the founder of Luminant, where he creates handcrafted, museum quality prints of his favorite timepieces. 

Alex has graciously partnered with Cesium133 to share these stunning prints to raise awareness and much needed funding to address issues facing Asian American Pacific Islander Communities. 100% of proceeds from all sales will be donated to

You can learn more about Alex van Zijl's project at


Christopher Pace:

Chris Pace is a creative director, visual designer and engineer focused on making interactive things– a passion he has followed from school through the advertising industry and beyond. His career has focused on art direction, branding and building, while developing strong opinions on typefaces and design along the way. He has long been a passionate artist, largely focusing on drawing and painting, with a dedicated practice in figure drawing. He now resides in Nashville, where in his free time he serves as the founder and operator of, built to drive vaccine awareness while providing key fundraising support for underfunded small businesses in the US. He is an avid drawer and painter.


"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters", by Christopher Pace






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