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Custom Watch Strap - A Sentimental and Versatile Gift

This past Father’s Day was tough, but in the best way possible. We have an adorable son, and another on the way, so it was extra special. Plus, it was the first Father’s Day that our toddler could sense it was a special occasion. 

We’ve also got a gorgeous house that likes to fall apart, and the financial responsibility of taking care of a growing family. I would have loved to buy my husband watch, but it wasn’t a wise investment at this time. And quite honestly, he knows more about watches that I ever could, so it would have been a risky investment at that–even with the community and resources here at my disposal. 

Instead I arranged for him to have a custom watch strap, crafted by Aaron Pimentel, with a beautiful stamp of our second son’s initials. It will be a stunning piece that’s highly personal, and one that can be worn with many of his beloved timepieces, and with a truly unique personal touch that will remind him of the special occasion on which it was gifted, and all we have to be thankful for. 

Sappy? Absolutely. But it was also the perfect gift on a day when I really needed to get it right, and fast.   


If you need some help with a Father's Day present this year, you can check out CS133's Watch Collection. You will find vintage and new watches for all types of dad's! 

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