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Giving Tuesday: Giving Back to Those Who Give Their All

For those of us with our finger on the pulse of the watch world, finding watches that support a cause isn’t terribly difficult. Tenn & Two did a great podcast on “Watch Brands that Give Back” that is certainly worth a listen. It’s always good to know which brands are using their profits for good, and which ones are doing so most effectively. 

This past April, Breitling introduced the Superocean Heritage ’57 Limited Edition during the brand’s first-ever virtual global Summit (due to the pandemic and lockdowns). Attendees were wowed by its rainbow-inspired design elements. Bright and colorful, the watch effused hope and optimism, and generated overwhelmingly positive feedback. This led Breitling to release a second limited edition, this time with a blue dial, limited to 1,000 pieces. A portion of the proceeds were donated to charities supporting frontline healthcare workers in countries most affected by COVID-19. All told, Breitling donated some CHF 500,000. 

Breitling’s admirable initiative ought to remind us that even during “normal” times, healthcare professionals are often worked to the bone. I saw it growing up with both of my parents in the industry, frequently seeing them only for short periods in the morning or evening. But now, in the midst of this plague, our healthcare heroes face and overcome even greater challenges, from a lack of proper PPE, to needs that exceed their  supply of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, to the overwhelming demand for care and associated hours of work. 

Today and every day, the remarkable commitment of all healthcare professionals deserves special recognition–, from those in R&D and manufacturing of equipment, devices, and lifesaving drugs, to those in direct patient care and on our frontlines.. It is a debt we can never repay. They’ve given their time, their mental energy, and their lives, to keep us healthy and make us well. 

In these uncertain times, we could all use a few more rainbows in our life – and they’re out there, if you just know where to look – look for the helpers, the hopeful, and the healers – and give thanks.  Not only on Giving Tuesday, but every day that you can.

While you might find it hard to catch one of these (Breitling) rainbows,, there are still many ways we can give back on this Giving Tuesday. You can shop for products tied to a cause, but giving directly is a sure-fire way to effect change. Many bona-fide charities have created funds to support communities around the world battling the coronavirus. Please consider supporting one of these trustworthy organizations. You might be the helper people are looking for.

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