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How Watches may Help with Adulting

I grew up in a culture, time, and place where your outward appearance is a key determinant of your place in society. I watched my grandparents indulge in everything from vacations to accessories. You could call them social peacocks. As in introverted child, I was always embarrassed by their flashiness and the attention that these material things seem to generate. 

Fast forward a few decades to my adulthood, things hadn’t changed much even though I live in another country and in a more advanced society. I always associated brands like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe, Piguet, etc. with flashiness. Just a way for people to be “showy.”

As my career advanced, walking into meetings with a plastic watch just didn’t seem like adulting anymore. But I still had this hang-up about being “flashy,” so I let my dilemma and curiosity dictate my watch shopping experience. I started talking to people who were watch connoisseurs and began to learn more about the world of vintage watches. I was MIND-BLOWN. The more I learned, the more I started to appreciate vintage watches, not because of the luxury of the brand, but because of the stories behind these classic pieces. Vintage watches became more than an accessory to me, they are stories, art pieces, and if you’re smart – an investment. 

For those of you who carry a love for history and admire cars, single malt whiskeys, art, or anything timeless (no pun intended), I promise learning about vintage watches is a must. Even if you’re here simply for a purchase, I encourage you to check out our blog as our team delves into the fascinating history and technical intricacies of vintage watches.

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