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Pairing Heuer and Bauhaus for Functional Fun

I have been looking for a Heuer chess clock for some time, and recently acquired two on eBay. Its mid-century modern design goes perfectly with the Bauhaus chess set my wife got me when we were first married.

The Heuer clock is perfect for outside play (a more common occurrence in these days of COVID-19. My LED clocks aren’t much use in the sun. The clock is quiet, but still gives a reassuring tick-tick-tick-tick. The first one I received has the anodized red aluminum buttons, and it doesn’t have the little brads on the front or screws in the wood. It is frankly cleaner in design than the next one I received, pictured above. I suspect the first one is an earlier example.  

The one pictured has red plastic buttons and is not as pure in execution as the first, but here is what I love about it: the inscription. “1981 US Amateur 1st Place Open Category-III V. J. Vitkauskas”. I did a search for the name and found an obituary for a Vytautas Jonas Vitkauskas. A little further digging led me to this post on the Illinois Chess Association’s website: . And then on the US Chess Federation there was this gem, with a picture of him getting a nap in before a game: From all accounts he was a wonderful person, and I am honored to have his clock. It will get lots of use!

The Bauhaus Chess set was designed by Josef Hartwig. The pieces are made to represent the movement each piece makes.  Beautiful simplicity. There is an original at the MoMa that can be viewed here:

If you’ve been searching for something or have a passion project underway, let us know. We’d love to hear about how you’re passing the time. 

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