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Vintage Watch Spotlight - Omega Seamaster “Soccer Timer”

December 21, 1968. Commander Frank Borman looked down at the Omega Speedmaster on his wrist as he performed the pre-flight check on the Saturn V– it was just after 0700. In less than an hour, he and fellow Apollo VIII astronauts James Lovell, Jr and William Anders would become the first men to leave low-Earth orbit and see the dark side of the m...
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Rolex: The Snob’s Watch

Article By: Jordan Reifler Growing up, my “frugal” grandpa bought my father and me multiple fake Rolexes as holiday gifts. I’m not certain why he gifted these atrocities more than once, but he did. I should note - these were not passable fakes. They weighed roughly as much as a Swatch but were far less tasteful than their plastic and rubber cous...
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How Watches may Help with Adulting

I grew up in a culture, time, and place where your outward appearance is a key determinant of your place in society. I watched my grandparents indulge in everything from vacations to accessories. You could call them social peacocks. As in introverted child, I was always embarrassed by their flashiness and the attention that these material things...
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How My Watch Frees Me From Time

Time and I Don’t Get Along. Some might deduce from this aspect of my life that no one ever taught me how to tell time. Actually, my first-grade teacher taught me. It was a slow process. I wasn’t her favorite. As an adult, I’m expected to tell time regularly. The problem is, it always feels like Time is telling me something. I struggle with the ...
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The Case for Two-Tone

I am not a flashy guy. I do not subscribe to the “loud” lifestyle (bling, flash, iced-out), especially when it comes to watches. The concept of stealth wealth (e.g. white gold aka “heavy steel”) appeals to me more. And while colored gold (yellow, rose) is dated, it does have a place next to stainless steel. When done properly, the two-tone watch...
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