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The Case for Two-Tone

I am not a flashy guy. I do not subscribe to the “loud” lifestyle (bling, flash, iced-out), especially when it comes to watches. The concept of stealth wealth (e.g. white gold aka “heavy steel”) appeals to me more. And while colored gold (yellow, rose) is dated, it does have a place next to stainless steel. When done properly, the two-tone watch is a gorgeous combination, belying a subtle truth about your taste…So stop asking yourself how old you have to be to wear two-tone! Also, undeniable fact: Two-tone ALWAYS looks good on a lady (Michelle Deco, Cartier Santos).

That said, I get it. Historically, two tone watches were the domain of car salesmen, Gordon Gecko, Patrick Bateman, and your father/uncle. But that image has softened with time, thanks largely to the introduction of quality leather goods (straps/bands) to the watch market from boutique and large-scale suppliers alike. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a two-tone watch (on a bracelet or a strap), and to do so is a clandestine display of fine taste without projecting dollar signs to the world around you. Additionally, among those more familiar with watches, it is a less common (yet appreciated) spin on the old hat.

Perfect examples are the Rolex Datejust or GMT Master series (ref. 16753). These are pricey watches, but not inaccessible to mere mortals like Pateks, APs, and other two-tone watches in the Rolex lineup (Daytona, Skydweller, Yachtmaster, Submariners). Moreover, they are no more recognizable than the steel variants, but come with a slight “upscale” touch that is not visually insulting or ostentatious.

Whether you agree with me or not, the two-tone concept is not going away any time soon, and I feel its renaissance is on the horizon, evidenced by major manufacturers’ recent releases. Why not just drink the Kool-Aid and take the plunge?



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