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Welcome Post

Welcome to Cesium133.

We're a team of enthusiasts who believe in the intrinsic value of watches, cars, and what we have found to be the inevitable intersection of the two. We had yet to find a community that formally celebrated this crossroads, so we built one. 

We're here to delve into the cultural, historical and emotional significance of each of these pieces of art and engineering. In the process, we hope to uncover and share the stories that these pieces help write, not just in a larger cultural context, but most importantly in individual lives around the world. As we celebrate and expand these passions we want to give everyone who shares them a place to craft their own story.

 Most importantly, our community, content, collections and credible advice are here for everyone. And we do mean everyone. Sure, this may be a niche space, but it should never feel exclusive. Cesium133 exists to ensure that anyone with an interest has somewhere to share it, expand it, and indulge it. 

Whether this is your very first time researching a watch, or you have a generations old collection of rare pieces; whether you race every weekend or just simply want to know more about your dream car, you're always welcome. We'll help demystify the experience of learning, buying and collecting. Whatever the stage of your journey, come be a part of our community and conversation.

We're in this obsession together. You can always come here to feed it and grow it. We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Cesium133 Team

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