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Where the Hell are the Cars?


To be fair, this is a perfectly honest question. The entire premise of this company/brand is to deliver a premier experience located firmly at the intersection of the art and engineering found when the automotive and horological interests of our clients collide. So how is Cesium133 different from your favorite car dealer and your trusted watch person/jeweler? Simple: unless you’re buying your mechanic’s watch off his wrist or your jeweler’s Mercedes out of the parking lot out in front of the store, you’re not getting what you deserve.  I will mention briefly that for every vehicle that Cesium133 is involved with, a recommended watch “pairing” will be made.  For our custom builds, we take this a step further with equally custom features added to the pairing! 

That said, the automotive component of this company is one that requires more of an introduction, so here it goes…

To our knowledge, nobody has put these two passions in the same place on this scale. Smaller attempts have been made for sure, but have focused on specific niches within watches and cars (Cheers, Dino!). We are curating automotive content about things we enjoy including posting detailed build diaries, stories from the road and personal stories about our love affair with all things automotive.  We’ll be bringing vehicles to auction, selling direct to consumers, and building projects “just because,” in addition to helping you hunt down your heart’s desire.

We can do everything automotive from sourcing your dream vehicle to building it (and everything in between). Let me be clear: WE ARE NOT IN THE USED CAR BUSINESS. Like some of our watches, our vehicles will have had previous owners, but that does not really mean much (unless you are looking for a one-owner all original fully documented car…we can do that too).  Accordingly, our goal is not to be car “dealers” (at least not in the traditional sense of the role).  Rather, we at Cesium133 have as our primary focus the drive to deliver to you what you are looking for/expect.  Want a driver-quality vehicle? Done. Want to select one of our cars for restoration to your taste? Done. Looking for a fully custom build? Done and done again (We already have a couple in progress…look for updates in the coming weeks!)

Regardless, we at Cesium133 has extensive knowledge of (and build experience with) many different types of vehicles ranging from American to European marques (vintage to modern, luxury to off-road) and have at your disposal a competent and capable build team and sourcing concierge for any type of vehicle. Please note, we will do a lot of out-of-the-box and off-the-wall things, but will not destroy the essence/DNA of a vehicle just for the sake of doing so (so please don’t ask us to put 33-inch tires on your ’84 Jag).

With all that said, I am officially declaring myself a Gearhead out of respect to my desire to satisfy my overwhelming addiction to Motorhead and Watchnerd pursuits. 

-Blas Catalani


Want to see/do something specific? Email us  We’re game for anything (including debating the ol’ Cannonball Run…).


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